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Projects at Hemlock Construction include Bridge Construction & Replacement, Road & Highway Construction, Utility Installation, Dam Construction, Environmental Cleanup, Linear Parks & Recreation Areas, Water & Sewer Infrastructure, Residential & Commercial Development & Sitework, Snow Removal, Cell Tower Construction, and many more.  

A Sample of Our Work

Town of Colebrook, CT
Replacement of Sandy Brook Road Bridge
Project Value: $ 1.6 million


This project involved the removal of the existing
bridge and replacement of the structure with a larger span as well as the reconstruction of approximately 500 ft of Sandy Brook Road.


The challenges of this project included the removal of the existing bridge deck, pier, and abutments in an extremely sensitive ecological environment. The existing deck consisted of a monolithically poured beam & deck structure attached to the pier with heavy rebar. The new span required the fabricating, transporting, and setting of 128 ft curved beams  made of  high strength 70 ksi weathering steel.


State of Connecticut Department of Transportation
Route 202 over Steele Brook
New Hartford, CT
Project Value: $2.6 million

This project involved the removal of the existing
bridge and replacement of the structure with a larger span as well as the reconstruction of approximately 1200 ft of Rte 202.

The challenges of this project included the construction of a portion of the new structure at a new alignment at significantly higher grade than the existing roadway. Traffic was then placed onto the portion of the new bridge on the new alignment and grade and the old bridge removed so the new structure could be completed. The new structure is constructed using 80 ft precast box beams on cast in place abutments supported by micro piles.

Aerial 2.JPG
WWS Wasserkraft
Canton Hydro electric dam rebuild and renovation
Collinsville, Canton CT
Project Value: $3 million

Hemlock construction participated in reconstruction of a 1.2 MW hydro-electric power plant alongside WWS Wasserkraft. Notable steps in the completion of this project were repairs and extensive alterations to the dam built in 1867, the construction of 25 foot tall free standing columns and a 130 foot long fish ladder, and a structural top slab including grade beams for gate support. Included in these construction processes was the forming of structural walls, retaining walls, and sloped slabs.

During construction, Hemlock was capable of of handling constant water flows over 1,000 cfs and flood conditions cause by Hurricanes over 2,500 cfs allowing us to continue work with minimal delays.

Torrington Water Company
North Pond Reservoir
Goshen/Norfolk CT


After water was drained remaining reservoir had to be pumped down additional 6 ft.
Access roads more than 2 miles in length had to be constructed through the forest.
Installation of new intake structure.
Removal & replacement of spillway training walls.
Removal and reconstruction of three earthen dam segments.

Griffith/Superior Plus Energy Services
Fuel Dispense Yard Upgrades
Winsted, Seymour, New Milford, Cornwall


Hemlock worked closely with Clendenin Associates to efficiently bring the facilities up to code without disrupting normal day to day operations, yet meeting a regulatory deadline.

The work on these sites included the removal of large storage tanks, installation of concrete containment walls, unloading pads and fueling rack containment pads, grading, paving, bollards and access stairs. As the only instate entity on the project, Hemlock worked with the owners obtaining all the permits necessary for the work.



​Riverfront Recapture Inc.
Riverwalk North and Boathouse
Hartford, CT


Hemlock constructed the Riverwalk from the Bulkley Bridge to the Boathouse along the Connecticut River. During this project, the river level flooded the work zone an unprecedented 33 times, forcing all of the construction activities to cease and equipment and materials to be evacuated to higher ground. Hemlock persevered and completed the project in time for the 2000 spring season.

Riverfront Recapture and Hemlock cemented such a strong working relationship on this project that we have been called back every year since to add amenities to the park, including installing a lighting system on the Bulkley Bridge to celebrate its centennial, adding art sculptures, monuments, and additional docks, as well as installing and removing all of the docks in the park every season.



Toll Brothers & Pinnacle Realty
Villas by the Reservoir
West Hartford, CT


Hemlock was contracted by Toll Brothers to reconfigure the existing infrastructure to accommodate a new plan that called for 72 single family houses as well as perform the sitework for the construction of the residences, complete with a mile of walking path.Pinnacle Realty contracted Hemlock to perform the sitework for two muti-unit buildings, a 36 unit and a 72 unit buildings and associated parking garages. The existing hospital contracted Hemlock to construct a new parking lot and entranceway.

Hemlock spent over 4 years on this site working harmoniously with three owners, active hospital, and the ever increasing number of over 55 residents that moved in.



Metro Realty Group
South Road Medical Complex
Farmington, CT


When the UCONN Medical Building was built in the 1970’s the surplus soil and topsoil from the excavation was placed on this site. The soil contained a high silt content and was placed without compaction in a wetland. In order to construct buildings on this site the fill material had to be removed down to original ground, and replaced with compacted structured fill. This required tens of thousands of cubic yards of unstable soil at depths to 15 ft to be excavated and hauled off the site. Tens of thousands of cubic yards of structural fill were brought onsite, placed, compacted, and tested for each of the two buildings.





Hemlock Construction Company took part in the explosion of the cellular industry. Hemlock worked in cell tower installations, compounds, and equipment upgrades all across Connecticut for companies such as Nextel, Sprint, Verizon, Atlantic Tower, SBA, and AT&T. Hemlock constructed access roads, offsite utility runs, grounding installations, tower foundations, shelter foundations and installations, and rock anchoring systems.


Towers Installed:

Simsbury                     Middlefield                Columbia                    Thomaston
East Haddam              Wethersfield              Newtown                     Wesport          
Windsor                      Bridgeport                 Tolland                       Manchester
Norwich                       Salem                       Torrington                   Harwinton
Berlin                          Southbury                Middletown                  Haddam


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