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Heavy Highway

Building bridges and roadwork is our most notable area of expertise. Hemlock Construction has been building roads since 1972 and bridges since 1998.  Our staff's portfolios of work include notable projects such as the Route 2 Flyover in East Hartford, CT and the Founders Bridge over the Connecticut River in Hartford.

Water & Sewer Infrastructure

From the beginning, water and sewer line installations were the backbone of Hemlock Construction Company’s strengths. Founder Dick Traub’s experience as a sewer and water line installer was a cornerstone the company was built on. The company took on the  most difficult of sewer and water installations back in the 1970’s and 1980’s when much of the main trunk line work was being constructed. From there our experience and capabilities continued to grow.

Today Hemlock Construction is considered one of the most experienced sewer contractors in Connecticut and has the knowledge and equipment to install the most difficult of pipe installations. Hemlock Construction is invited to bid by owners on many water and sewer installations each year. When the extremely difficult projects and problems arise, Hemlock is selected to provide input on the constructability.

Residential Development/Sitework

Residential development has a large part in Hemlock Construction’s work profile. From the onset of the company in 1972 to now, Hemlock Construction has performed work for some of the most prominent developers and builders in the state. Hemlock has earned a top-notch reputation in this field and is continually recommended and awarded work from repeat customers, design engineers, and town municipalities.

Canton dam 12-10-21 8.jpg
Dam Construction

 Over the past decade, Hemlock has refurbished and enlarged dams for the Torrington Water Company in Torrington, Goshen, and Norfolk. Hemlock has also rejuvenated and updated a hydro-electric dam alongside WWS Wasserkraft in Collinsville CT.

Hemlock Construction has completed start to finish, the construction of a hydro-electric dam incorporating water-flow management during hurricane conditions, cast in place spillways, foundations, and fish ladders. As an additional part of our work we assisted the owners in lifting and installing mechanical equipment including the turbine, generator, electrical equipment and water control gates.

Linear Parks and Recreation Areas

Over the last 40 years Hemlock Construction Co. has had many opportunities to build, expand and /or renovate many athletic and recreation facilities throughout Connecticut. These projects are particularly rewarding as they usually involve helping a town build something significant for their community.

Utility Installation

Hemlock Construction has installed underground power, telephone cable, and fiber optic cable conduits throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. While utility conduit and structure installation is included in the scope of our development package, Hemlock Construction also installs utility structure on its road and bridge projects and for utility companies directly in conjunction with our affiliate company, Hemlock Directional Boring.

Retail & Commercial Development/Sitework

While Hemlock performed sitework activities on numerous retail and commercial projects of all sizes, we have developed a specialty in a certain type of retail / commercial project. Hemlock has seemed to gravitate towards projects that require working around operating stores and businesses. We have a deep appreciation and concern for our clients’ operations and customers. This characteristic has resulted in past project success and return business in the renovation and expansion of retail, commercial, and industrial properties. Our name comes to the top when property owners require the repair, refurbishment, or complete replacement of a retail/commercial/industrial project while at the same time maintaining operation. Projects of this sort present a challenge requiring a special degree of planning, communication, consideration, cooperation, and safety. Hemlock Construction Company incorporates these characteristics into these demanding projects, as well as all projects we become involved in.

Major Storm Water Installations

Environmental Cleanup

Hemlock Construction has performed environmental cleanup on industrial sites all across Connecticut. The scope of the work has included the isolation, excavation removal and disposal of contaminated soils, the installation of soil liquid and vapor recovery systems, soil replacement and restoration, and test pits and investigation.

Snow Removal

Hemlock Construction has worked throughout the state of Connecticut during the winter season to keep our roads, buildings, plazas, and roofs clear. We are always prepared to help your location remain active during major blizzards and high snow accumulation.

Hemlock Construction has  participated in multiple storm water management activities. The scope of these projects range from containing ravine gouging streams into pipes, to weirs, riverbank stabilization projects, detention basin construction, wetland creation and mitigation, and the installation of the latest gross particle separations for storm water discharges.

Hemlock Construction Company owns and stocks the equipment, shoring, sheeting, and piles to start these types of installations immediately, safely, and cost-effectively.

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